Use Case: Return to Work Using Nintex Workflow Cloud

With everything that is going on in the world these days, many organizations are looking to get back in the office for a variety of reasons. Whether it is to boost productivity, collaboration, or simply to provide employees with an alternative place to work that is not their dining room or couch, organizations are carefullyContinue reading “Use Case: Return to Work Using Nintex Workflow Cloud”

Getting Started: Setting Up Nintex RPA Chrome Extension

Continuing the conversation from last time where we discussed Setting Up Nintex RPA, we will dive into another piece that may be helpful as you build out automation using Nintex RPA. This next topic of the series will cover how to install the Nintex RPA Chrome Extension, which allows you to target objects inside ofContinue reading “Getting Started: Setting Up Nintex RPA Chrome Extension”

Getting Started: Setting Up Nintex RPA

Robotic Process Automation has been around for the better part of the last 20 years, but has really taken off and gained more attention in recent years. There are a lot of solutions out there for just about every possible need or business use case, however how do you decide what to go with orContinue reading “Getting Started: Setting Up Nintex RPA”

Save and Continue Your Nintex Workflow Cloud Forms

This feature has been asked for countless times and for good reason. There are times when a form is too long or you need to gather other data to provide within the form, and need the ability to save it in it’s current state and come back to it later. Well, now you can doContinue reading “Save and Continue Your Nintex Workflow Cloud Forms”

How Easy Are Repeating Sections in Nintex Workflow Cloud?

A while back I wrote a blog about Creating List Items from a Repeating Section with Nintex Forms. The idea was to have a single form collection multiple items and then through querying XML, send each item to an itemized list. This is something that I see a lot of in SharePoint Online, but withContinue reading “How Easy Are Repeating Sections in Nintex Workflow Cloud?”

How To: Delete A Nintex For Office 365 Workflow

There are many reasons that we may need to delete a workflow from our environment but most of the time it is just not needed anymore. Perhaps it was used for a test or even a single use effort to mass update data. Whatever the reason, removing the workflow from your environment is best practiceContinue reading “How To: Delete A Nintex For Office 365 Workflow”

Leveraging Nintex Workflow Cloud Component Workflows

When it comes to automation, many times we must streamline processes by removing repetitive steps. We do it all the time by grouping similar functions into a single group of concerted efforts. We can do the same thing when it comes to our workflows that we create with Nintex by using Component Workflows. If youContinue reading “Leveraging Nintex Workflow Cloud Component Workflows”

How To: Get Date Without Time in Nintex Workflow for Office 365

Another question multiple times means another blog! There seems to be no clear directions on how to accomplish this, so I decided to put it down on (digital) paper so we can all benefit! If you have worked with SharePoint ever, and tried to do something with dates, you understand that pain that comes alongContinue reading “How To: Get Date Without Time in Nintex Workflow for Office 365”

How To: Populate Repeating Section with SQL Data

There are plenty of reasons that we would want to view data on a form but pulling that data from other sources can be difficult. Not only that but formatting that data so that it is readable by the end user is just as important! With Nintex Forms for SharePoint we can easily pull backContinue reading “How To: Populate Repeating Section with SQL Data”

How To: Save Task Attachments to Current List Item

If you are using SharePoint Online tasks, you have probably run into the need to have users attach additional documents that are related to the task. While these attachments will be stored with the task, many times there is a greater need to attachment them to the original list item. This allows for all theContinue reading “How To: Save Task Attachments to Current List Item”