Save and Continue Your Nintex Workflow Cloud Forms

This feature has been asked for countless times and for good reason. There are times when a form is too long or you need to gather other data to provide within the form, and need the ability to save it in it’s current state and come back to it later. Well, now you can do exactly that with minimal effort. Let’s take a look at how to set this feature up and where your saved forms go.

Setting Up Save and Continue

First and foremost, you will need to have your Nintex Workflow Cloud workflow have a start event set to a form. You can also set the form to only be accessible by authenticated users or anyone with the URL. Keep in mind that if a user wants to take advantage of the Save and Continue feature, they will need to be an authenticated user (more on that below). The form, however, does not need to be set to authenticated users in the tenant. This means that an anonymous user cannot save the form. The reason for this is because saved forms will appear in the My Nintex tab within the Nintex Workflow Cloud tenant, which the user will have to have access to in order to complete and submit the form.

Enabling Save and Continue

In your form where you want to enable the Save and Continue feature, click on the action panel where the submit button is located.


This will open up the action panel settings and allow you to toggle Save and Continue for this particular form. That’s it!

My Nintex Tab

Setting up Save and Continue for Nintex Workflow Cloud forms is not difficult, but where do the save forms go? This is where the My Nintex tab within Nintex Workflow Cloud comes in. Once you have a form filled out and wish to save it for a later time, click the Save and Continue button. This will save the form, but not close it.


In order to get to your saved forms, simply click on the My Nintex tab in the upper right corner within Nintex Workflow Cloud. From here you can easily see all of your draft forms and continue filling out the remaining controls.

Final Thoughts

This new feature allows users to begin filling out forms and save them in their current state for a later time, and this ask comes up countless times! There are a few things worth noting. The draft form is only stored for 30 days. This means after that time, the form is deleted and would need to be filled out from the beginning again. Another piece to remember is that you will need to be logged in as an authenticated user in order to save your form. Even if it is an anonymous form, if you want to save it, you need to log in.


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