Nintex Acquisitions & What It Means For The End User

With everything that has been happening over the last few years, it is easy to miss a thing or two when it comes to Nintex and the capabilities we offer. Even for myself, it has been a roller coaster of new and exciting toys to build with. From acquiring K2 to the recent announcement around Kryon Systems, it is easy to lose track of what Nintex can do; we are not just a forms and workflow provider in the SharePoint space! For me, as a Solutions Engineer, I am always trying to figure out ways to solve business problems with automation tools, and Nintex keeps making it easier with every acquisition. But what does this mean for you, the end user? What does this new acquisition offer that is important, and better yet, why should you care? I wanted to take a quick minute and dive into those questions and talk about where we go from here.

What does this acquisition mean for me, an existing customer?

In a word, more. More of what Nintex already focuses on, process management and process automation. With the acquisition of Kryon, we add to our offering the power of process discovery along with a Top 5 leader in the RPA space. Combine this with what we already offer to help map, manage, and maintain processes, we end up with an even more robust platform that covers discoverability of processes that have yet to be uncovered automatically.


Why is this acquisition important and why should I care?

Every acquisition that Nintex makes is important. The decision to acquire a company is not one that is done over night or on a whim. It takes teams of people, countless hours to review not only the product, but the company itself to ensure that it is the right move going forward. For Nintex and Kryon, it is a perfect fit both from a product standpoint and a company culture standpoint. Here at Nintex, we want to be your one-stop-shop for everything regarding process in your organization. Adding what Kryon offers to our platform helps to meet the growing demands we hear from you, our customers. As a company, both Nintex and Kryon are committed to customer and partner success all while providing an easy-to-use, powerful process platform. What this means for you, is that Nintex is continually building on top of an already powerful platform and adding more functionality to it.

Where to next?

This announcement is still very new and there are a lot of moving parts. Over the next few months, we will see integration between the products, bringing our customers a best in class platform to tackle their process and automation needs. While we can only speculate on what is to come, I look forward to seeing how we can streamline the power of Kryon’s Process Discovery and move into automation solutions such as Nintex Workflow Cloud. Keep an eye out for more announcements from Nintex!

Final Thoughts

As a Nintex employee, I am excited about the growth of not only the company, but for the platform. As the company grows, new opportunities open for both personal and professional growth. As for the platform, I am super excited to see how we integrate these new capabilities into our already powerful platform and how I can leverage them to build out more business processes. Having more tools in the preverbal toolbox is a good thing, especially when you only need one toolbox to carry everything! Let me know what you are excited about and looking forward to in the comments below.


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