How To: Populate Repeating Section with SQL Data

There are plenty of reasons that we would want to view data on a form but pulling that data from other sources can be difficult. Not only that but formatting that data so that it is readable by the end user is just as important! With Nintex Forms for SharePoint we can easily pull backContinue reading “How To: Populate Repeating Section with SQL Data”

How To: Using Nintex Forms to create Itemized Requests

There are a lot of complex forms that users interact with on a regular basis and I wanted to review one of the common use cases that we see with Nintex Form; an itemized form. If you are unfamiliar with an itemized form, think of any form where you are adding multiple entries or itemsContinue reading “How To: Using Nintex Forms to create Itemized Requests”

Default SharePoint UserProfile Properties

I constantly have to search for the out of the box UserProfile properties for SharePoint and figure I should write them down someplace for myself but also for others to easily find them as well. I will add more details to each of them over time but here are the Basic Information and Contact InformationContinue reading “Default SharePoint UserProfile Properties”