Where To Next?

It has been a bit quiet here lately and for good reason. I took some time and disconnected a bit to see where I wanted to take this and how I wanted to use my voice in this world (or this site specifically). While I started this site to blog about automation solutions using Nintex and all that Nintex has to offer, I felt that over time there was so much more that I wanted to discuss and dive into. I may be putting more work on myself here, but let’s share in the adventure!

Some Things Never Die

If you click on articles looking for insight into Nintex solutions, do not worry, I will still do write up solutions as I come across them. These usually spawn from other users that I am working with or from a use case that I am trying to prove out. In either case, I will still write those up and post there here. Where I want to expand on is the ideas and thoughts around automation as a whole, not always specific to Nintex. I have been working in automation for close to 10 years (lord I’m the “old guy” now) and have plenty of experience on the subject. I want to share that out as many people and organizations are in the midst of automation projects. Some are just starting out, some are trying to develop more mature systems and solutions, but in either case, I want to share my thoughts on the automation space more.

It Is All Fun and Games

Other areas I want to explore more when it comes to blog posts are my passion for gaming and my adventures with having 5 kids! Having 5 kids is a constant adventure. Sometimes it is easy and everything falls into place, but most of the time it is a crazy roller coaster that is minutes from flying off the rails. While most of this does not apply to those that read my posts, and I am by no means trying to give parenting advice, I want people to understand that we are all in this world living our best life and to try to enjoy that. Maybe it is more of a reminder for me, but you get my point!

I also play a lot of games….probably more than I should at my age, but it is my escape from reality. A chance to be something or someone I am not every single day. I chance to go on outlandish adventures with my friends and family and talk and laugh about it long after the game is over. There is a lot I would love to share about when it comes to gaming and perhaps over time it will spawn something else, but just like adding in other topics around automation, gaming is something I am very passionate about and plan to share.

Another piece that I want to explore, and is loosely tied to gaming, is leadership. If you know me, you have probably mention my goals and aspirations when it comes to leadership. While I am not looking to become the President, I do want to develop and refine my leadership skills, and I do so in some not-so-traditional ways. Everything from running a gaming community to coaching and managing baseball teams, I find unique ways to explore and hone leadership skills.

Let’s Be Serious

At the end of it all, I want to write about things that I am passionate about and what I want to share with you all. I know I am not writing to millions of followers…checks follower count…yep, I have 30, but I sharing these experiences and this content out is what I enjoy doing. I do not want to force myself to only write about one thing and I have found that when it feels forced, the quality of the content drops. For those looking for Nintex solutions, do not worry, I will continue to post those. For those waiting for the next adventure, strap in, it is going to be fun!


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