User Groups in Nintex Workflow Cloud

The concept around user groups within Nintex for SharePoint is nothing new, but what about Nintex Workflow Cloud (NWC)? This feature was recently rolled out and makes governance within NWC much easier! So, let’s take a look at what it is and how we can leverage it.

Nintex Workflow Cloud

If you don’t have a Nintex Workflow Cloud tenant already, you can go out to the Nintex website and request a free 30 day trial.

What is it?

If you are familiar with User Groups within SharePoint, the concepts are similar. User Groups within Nintex Workflow Cloud allow for tenant admins to share assets such as workflows and connections with a subset of users in that tenant. This means that we can now set connection permissions on a group which makes managing who has access to the connection much easier! Also, this can be leveraged for who has access to specific workflows.


Setting Up User Groups

From your Nintex Workflow Cloud dashboard, click on the Settings tab in the upper right corner and navigate to your User Management section.

From here you can easily manage Groups, Users, and Identity federation. Like all things Nintex, creating a new group is straightforward… click Add new. Give your group a name and a description, set the owner and who is in the group, and that’s that!

So now that we have a group setup, we can apply it to different workflows as well as connections that we have inside of Nintex Workflow Cloud. Well that’s great, but what does that mean and why should you care? From an Enterprise standpoint, this means that you can now implement governance on your workflows and connections. Giving you the ability control who has or does not have access to various assets.

More to Come

With this roll out, we begin to look at how we can manage larger tenants with multiple developers. This also lays the foundation for future enhancements and refining the functionality to be leveraged in other areas. What those areas may be is yet to be determined, but leave a comment if you want to see something or head over to the Nintex User Voice and add it there!


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