Understanding Workflow v. Robotic Process (Automation)

Automation has become a crucial aspect of the modern business world. Among the different types of automation, two that I get the most questions about are Workflow Automation (WFA) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA). While the two share some similarities, they also have differences that set them apart. In this article, I wanted to discussContinue reading “Understanding Workflow v. Robotic Process (Automation)”

Going Into Automation? Start Here Not There

We talk a lot about automation here on this site and for good reason, it is a passion of mine! However, there are certain areas that often get overlooked on the journey towards process automation that I wanted to discuss further. Just the Bullet Points I could talk about automation and everything surrounding it forContinue reading “Going Into Automation? Start Here Not There”

Process Automation: Where to Begin

When it comes to the process automation phase of an organization’s transformational journey, it can be a struggle to pinpoint which process to automate first. Would it be better to jump in and automate a process that is high profile and one that everyone in the organization uses on a daily basis, or perhaps onContinue reading “Process Automation: Where to Begin”